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Upcoming trend

Clockless eating

It’s not that today’s consumers eat 24 hours in a row.
It’s that they want to be able to eat breakfast granola
at 8 pm. And fries at 10 am.

Clockless eating is about eating what you want, when
and where you want. Whether it’s a snack or a full plate: consumers want it to be yummy, but without much preparation. Instant. But top quality. This food trend is here to stay. High time to understand what’s going on. 
Why exactly are people clockless eating?
And how can you meet this need?


Why people  are eating clockless?

Based on
3 sociological


Different eating moments throughout the day

Today’s consumers combine online and offline, work and home, children and pets, hobbies and informal care, friends and family. Flexible timing helps to juggle these aspects throughout the day. No fixed hour for lunch nor dinner! We’ll eat when we feel like eating.
At home or on the go. A snack or an entire meal with portion controlled components that we can quickly prepare. As long as it's nutritious and delicious.


Celebrate togetherness

Post Covid times are coming! Most of us don’t want to return to busy calendars filled with back to back social activities, but we do long for quality time with close friends and family. They can pop in any time, we’ll serve them bubbles accompanied with appetizing dippers. Let’s celebrate life together by gathering around tasty shareable tapas. The ability to put it all on the table right now guarantees we enjoy our precious social encounters to the max.


World influences

Traveling restrictions? Even when they’re gone, we want to be able to travel from home. Everyday a holiday! Jalapeños, batata, manioc, feta cheese, soy and seaweed take you to all five continents. In search for bigger and bolder flavors people get inspired by authentic local cuisine. We love a quick experiment of food pairing in our home kitchen. And we’ll try all kinds of new combinations when we go out. The world on our plate, without any hassle.


How can you meet this trend?

New effortless top quality

Agristo reinvented a variety of products. With their divine taste and ultimate portion control
these recipes are three in one: the perfect quick bite, a hassle free shareable snack
and a quick succulent side dish.


On top of that our potato products are perfectly deliverable.
Our products answer to your customer’s needs both in retail as well as in food service.

Trendy shape,

perfect for sharing

Criss Cut Extra LR_edited.jpg
seasoned waffle cut fries


perfect appetizer

Hash Brown With Vegetables Oval-A-LR.jpg
hash brown canapé
with vegetables

Slightly curved,

dying to dip

PS CTR Dippers_LR.jpg

Delicious choice,

excellent portion control

Hash Brown Waffle Mini-A-LR.jpg
hash brown
mini waffle

Authentic bite,

great taste

seasoned wedges

Your trusty fry
with a little extra

loaded fries
More clockless eating products
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Curious about this trend
and the right potato products that come with it?


we love potatoes
all day long

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